Chorea Symbiotica, in progress




Chorea Symbiotica is a scientific research project, dance performance and conceptual film that investigates the influence of the human gut microbiota on physical performance.

The artist will undergo six months of intensive physical training to measure the evolution in the composition of her gut microbiota.
Translating the results of the metagenomic sequencings into sounds, vibrations and movements, the project questions the new modes of communication that might emerge from a better understanding of our health and of the living that creates us.
In collaboration with the division of endocrinology at Leiden University Medical Center, NL.

Work In progress. 
Awarded the Mingler scholarship 2021
Finalist for the Bio Art and Design Awards 2020.
Finalist Bourse pour la recherche, agora du design, 2021.  

2021 Marion Lasserre